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We go through the form with you and conduct a thorough evaluation via performing some o physical examination (and x-ray if necessary); we use the most modern equipment and highly effective adjusting techniques to help you achieve the optimum health your body deserves as much as possible.

The primary techniques and equipment we use are:


In this technique, a special table has been used to reduce the amount of energy needed to adjust your spine.


This is a scientifically sound technique where a Nervoscope is used and an x-ray of your full spine is evaluated before administering the required adjustment.


A manual thrust where the aim is to help the stuck joints and spinal bones to gain their normal motion.

DFM Gravity Inversion Therapy

New Zealand’s only Commercial Gravity Inversion Therapy tables that are designed for treatment of lumbar disc herniation and other spinal problems.

Flexion Distraction Spinal Decompression therapy + Cox Table

This table is designed for treatment of lumbar and cervical disc herniation and other spinal problems.


It is a machine with two ends where two thermometers have been built in each end to measure the temperature differences from one side of the spine to the other. Difference in temperature is the result of change in blood flow. This little but effective machine helps the chiropractors to determine patients underlying problem as well as their improvement.

Activator  Method

A handheld adjusting instrument that applies a low force thrust to administrate an adjustment.

Acupuncture Care

We have trained Acupuncturists onsite to provide acupuncture care to our patients.