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Dr. Sima Pir

Let's start with my background. I was an actress and TV presenter for a kids puppet show back in my home country. Being involved in the international festivals for kids, feature films and theaters, the need of learning other languages especially English became my priority. With that aim in my mind, a few years later I was holding my degree in Linguistics, Major in a translation of English language (my fourth language). Soon after that, I left home to New Zealand my second precious daughter was born 2 months after our arrival to Auckland. Life couldn’t be better; there is no joy in the world than having 2 beautiful lovely girls. After completing my study at Auckland University of Technology in liaison interpreting, I officially become a member of NZSTI. This passion to Language pushed me to a further experience and study and I managed to successfully finalise my Post- Graduate Master Degree in Professional Studies, Major in Language Teaching from The University of Auckland.

While being involved in the language world; life opened another door to a very wonderful world to me, “The World of Chiropractic”. An amazing world that fulfilled my life with whatever I wished for. With chiropractic care, I feel younger and healthier and I am aware of my body’s abilities now. I know now that my body is so intelligent and is able to heal itself, and the only thing it needs is a light force to initiate it, chiropractic care provides that force. And a few years later I had received Applied Science Degree from Auckland University of Technology and Chiropractic Degree from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

My daughters are the world to me and their success and happiness is my every day, every second thought. Chiropractic care helped them to hold on their strength and built their confidence everyday stronger than yesterday.

My girls are happy, I am happy and I would love to share and spread this happiness and what we gained with everyone, with whoever breaths and lives; as we all are worth it.

This is such a previllige to serve Grey Lynn Chiropractic Group and its lovely patients. My multilingual skills are well suited for treating the diverse population that we have in Auckland. I speak English, Farsi, Turkish and Dari.


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